Dog Retreat Center is where mindfulness and dog training meet. We know how to speak dog-- and we can teach you, too! 

With a little dog psychology 101, we bridge the communication gap between people and their pooches, resulting in a calm and balanced relationship.

We don’t just bridge communication gaps. We also help bridge time gaps for busy people and their dogs. We’re experts in helping you meet your dog’s needs for exercise, mental stimulation, and regular socialization— no matter how busy your schedule may be. 

In order for our dogs to meet our needs and expectations, we must also meet their needs and expectations. That’s why Dog Retreat Center offers dog classes, boarding and training, daycare and training, private, in-home training,  and more.  

Each member of the DRC team is trained in our gentle and effective training method that works with a dog’s natural instincts. Each possess the skills to help you learn to utilize those methods with your dog. We all consider the sacred bond that forms between people and dogs and honor that in each of our training and handling processes.


A Mindful Balance

A peaceful and rewarding relationship with your dog is all about awareness of how your choices and behaviors influence one another. It’s about give and take like any relationship. 

Training dogs can be a bit of a dance, knowing when to lead and when to follow. Our method turns training your dog into a simple game of follow the leader. Your dog takes steps toward following your lead and you take steps toward mastering the art of calm, assertive, leadership that slowly feeds into every area of your lives together. With this mastery comes trust, understanding, and mutual respect between you.


No More Mixed Signals

When people communicate with their dogs, they often send mixed signals. These mixed signals confuse dogs, and can even feed into common behavior problems. Time and again we see dog owners unintentionally perpetuate the problems they are trying to fix. 

We’re here to help you actually fix those behavioral issues, find a healthy balance that works for you and your dog, and establish the strong connections you need. 

We don’t just make connections with the dogs we help; we also make connections with dog owners. We can help you discover a harmonious relationship with your dog, based on the tight bonds you build through training. We want to pass our skills on to you, and share those connections and strong bonds we can build through education and a safe training space. 

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