Our Team

Here at Dog Retreat Center, we are a team of dedicated dog loving individuals on a mission to spread our knowledge and share our passion with you and your dog in a safe, supportive, and fun loving environment.



Brandi - Operations Manager


I have played soccer for about 20 years (and will continue to for as long as my knees will let me), teach kickboxing, run Spartans, and have 5 years of experience in the service industry. I am very driven and love to learn new skills, especially skills that allow me to be a well-rounded person. One of my favorite things about working at the Dog Retreat Center is that I am constantly learning right alongside dogs, which is humbling and fulfilling at the same time.

I have loved and been surrounded by dogs my entire life, but my journey with dogs really started when my family adopted a year-old, female husky/border collie mix named Cici. As most high energy breeds, Cici demanded attention and stimulation; but she also picked up a lot of bad behaviors from her previous home and needed a lot of training to be allowed inside for long periods of time. For a couple years we struggled with Cici bolting out the front door, stealing food off of the table, and general obedience.

I finally enrolled in a training course with Cici, where I learned how stubborn my dog was and how patient I had to be with her. It has taken years of continuous effort (and a multitude of tears and frustrating moments) to transform her into an obedient dog who trusts me. By constantly giving her some new trick or mannerism to learn, I kept her stimulated all while gaining all the benefits of a “good dog”. Cici is now 13ish and no longer misbehaves in the house, knows lots of tricks, and can go off-leash in the foothills without getting into trouble.




Grace - Head Trainer


Grace has been around animals since she was born; her first dog was a German Shepherd - Black Lab mix named Roxy. All of her dogs since have been German Shepherds. She currently has one German Shepherd Husky Mix puppy named Kenai and one purebred German Shepherd named Rosie. Dogs have always been an important aspect of Grace’s life and many lessons can be learned through your relationship with dogs. She has learned that by taking care of my dogs they help her take care of herself. They help her exercise, become more mindful, and help her practice her problem solving skills. One also learns that just like people, dogs have food cravings. Rosie has a sweet tooth and loves to lick the icing and frosting off of cakes, cookies, cupcakes, coffee cake, and loves to eat butter off the counter.

Grace enjoys snowboarding, traveling, yoga, and would like to try surfing. She is also enrolled full time at Boise State where she studies Anthropology, Criminal Justice, and American Sign Language. Grace has been working with animals since she was little and has worked in many areas of dog related fields. She has worked as a dogsitter, dogwalker, at the Eagle Animal Clinic as a Technician Assistant; and currently as a Training Assistant here at the Dog Retreat Center. Grace hopes to help strengthen your relationship with your dog and create ease in your day to day together.




Zen - Head Trainer


Animals have always been my passion in life. Since I was young I've always handled any bugs and lizards I could find. I grew up with a Jack Russell Terrier named Rocky. He taught me a lot of patience and how important it is to live in the moment. I started getting involved more with animals after moving to Idaho from Florida. I began volunteer work at several different rescue shelters.

Not too long afterwards I worked at a 24 hour emergency animal hospital. I gained valuable experience in the healthcare of animals. During this time I was finishing up my college degree in biology. During my time at the animal hospital I wanted to get involved in law enforcement. After training with The National Animal Control Association, I became certified nationally as an Animal Control Officer. During my time as an officer, I gained a lot of experience and exposure to the animal world. I noticed a recurring issue of untrained dogs getting hurt or getting into serious trouble.

Wanting to face this issue head-on, I wanted to become a dog trainer. After reading several books on canine body lanuage and studying different techniques for training, I joined the Dog Retreat Center team to be a dog trainer. My goal is to not only improve myself during this process but the lives of the dogs I train, creating an overall positive experience for everyone involved.




Tambre - Social Supervisor Manager


Animals are my passion; they always have been, always will be.

Originally brought up in Kentucky, I moved to Idaho with my family when I was 12. After graduating high school, I gained a lot of experience in the customer service industry and food service industry. I enjoyed this work for a time, before deciding to pursue a more passionate and fulfilling job involving animal care. Last year, I started working for a doggy daycare & boarding facility right here in Boise, and I've loved every day of my life since! I switched over to the Dog Retreat Center for a chance at gaining more training knowledge and general understanding of canines. I have so much to learn from Teri & the other ladies and I couldn't be more excited!

While working at the dog daycare last year, I adopted a sweet rescue pup of my own! Her name is Leeloo. She is some sort of shepherd/heeler mix and she's 4 years old. We've come to enjoy and appreciate everything about this wonderful city, from sun-bathing in the park to the downtown dog pubs, along with the many off-leash mountain hiking trails.




Katlyn - Social Supervisor


I'm originally from Southern California, but moved to Idaho with my family a little over 10 years ago now. After graduation, I started working at a doggy daycare and realized that's my passion in life and want nothing more than to work with dogs. I took a break working with animals and worked for the State of Idaho for almost 2 years, until I finally decided it was the best time to start working with animals again. Besides working at the Dog Retreat Center, I also work at WestVet Emergency Animal Hospital as a Technician Assistant. I want nothing more than all the animals I engage with to get the best care possible. Which not only includes the best hospital care, but DRC as well. Since working at the Dog Retreat Center, I have gained more knowledge and understanding about dogs and the language they speak. I'm always excited to learn something new every day when it comes to dogs.

I have an amazing rescue pup named Dallas, who is 3 years old, and he is the light of my life. He came into my life very unexpectedly, but we've enjoyed every moment together. From going on road trips, to dog parks and learning fun tricks, he's my partner partner in crime and I wouldn't have it any other way!




Taylor - Social Supervisor


I was born and raised in north Idaho up until I graduated high school and high tailed it to some adventures. I spent my early twenties traveling the world and across the country! I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life long term for a long time so I was enjoying my freedom while I could. At the end of 2018 my whole family moved down to Boise to create a family business in real estate. It has been a complete blessing to be a part of something so special with my family!

While I don't have any previous experience working with animals, I have always been highly involved in my local humane society. Anything from petting kittens and playing with puppies, to taking in fosters until they are ready to go to their forever homes. I have always had animals in my home growing up and will continue to have pets for the rest of my life.

I am currently a student, getting my degree in social work and also work for my family's business. I figured I'd be working in my chosen field for the rest of my life, so until that time comes I wanted to do something different that I love! I found the Dog Retreat Center and after my first interview, knew this was the place I wanted to be! It is calm and controlled, quiet and specialized. I have learned so much since I took on this position. Everything from reading dogs body language to ensuring a safe playtime to training puppies into confident well mannered dogs!

I'm very grateful for this season and will use these skills for the rest of my life!




Torie - Social Supervisor


In 2018 I fell in love with Idaho and dropped everything to move up here from Arizona to experience it to the fullest. I'm a nature enthusiast who loves to travel and learn and experience everything I can. I've done multiple different types of jobs from the food industry to working for an airline, but this is my first time working with dogs.

Animals have always been a huge part of my life. I grew up with horses, cats, birds of prey, chickens, etc. My passion for dogs came later in my life when I adopted an Australian Shepherd named Jackson back in 2017. I was unprepared for how high energy he was and how incredibly intelligent he was, but I found it intriguing. I took a class on how to train him and later took another class on how to train my Blue Heeler a year or so later. Those classes lead me to a passion I'd never known I had. All I wanted was to be the best owner I could be for my dogs and help others also be the best owners for their dogs.

The Dog Retreat Center has helped me pursue my passion to learn dog and be mindful of myself around dogs. I'm still learning something new everyday and I am so grateful.




Tyler - Social Supervisor


Originally from Nevada, I have lived in the Treasure valley for 15 years in Boise, Meridian, and Kuna. I attended Kuna High School where I played football, wrestled, and took a liking to ornithology and astronomy. It wasn't until graduating in 2017 that I found my passion for working with dogs and there's been no looking back since. Since beginning in the industry, I have taken jobs at several rescues and training and boarding facilities, gathering amazing experience, and now I definitely feel I have found my home here at the Dog Retreat Center. My favorite part of the job, aside from the dogs, is seeing the satisfaction in a client's face when they learn to be comfortable and one with their own pet. Nothing is more rewarding.

I have 2 canines of my own, a Blue Heeler and a Catahoulla/Australian shepherd mix. Both are my entire world. On my off time I am in the mountains with both of them either on a hike or a good bike ride.




Sean - Boarding


I have taken care of dogs of all shapes, sizes and personalities over the years, and am so happy to continue doing so in an even more effective and fulfilling way as part of our awesome team here at the Dog Retreat Center.

Previously, I have cared for clients' dogs for as short a period as a 30min walk and for up to a few weeks at a time while house-sitting, but seldom with training as a primary focus. Now, at the Dog Retreat Center, I get to contribute to shaping and improving dog/dog and dog/human relationships, which is even more rewarding and a joy to witness. In addition to assisting with daycare and training, I also have the privilege of looking after our boarding dogs during their overnight stays.

My passion for dogs stems from the fact that they have nothing but love to give, even if they do sometimes manage to get on an owner’s naughty list. The better we are able to create a cohesive leader-follower unit, the easier it is for our dogs to not only be able to show their love in more ways, but also for us to more consistently return it back to them! With the abundance of opportunities that Boise provides for us to get out and about with our dogs, establishing a relationship built on trust means more fun for us and them.

I don't currently have a pup of my own, but I am absolutely okay with that for now, because it means I get to pour all my love and effort into the amazing dogs we get to look after and train here at the Dog Retreat Center. I look forward to meeting yours!