Our Team

Here at Dog Retreat Center, we are a team of dedicated dog loving individuals on a mission to spread our knowledge and share our passion with you and your dog in a safe, fun loving and productive environment.



d’Andra - Owner


d'Andra grew up in Oklahoma City and since both her sisters were in college by the time she was 4, her playmates were her animals.  The dogs weren’t allowed in the house, so she spent a lot of time outside dressing the dogs in clothes, pushing them in carriages, running with them, and even eating meals with them. The only time the dogs could come in is if the weather was bad and, even then, they had to stay on their ‘rug.’ All d'Andra's mom had to do was look at the dogs and they obeyed! In hindsight, d'Andra now realizes that her mom was definitely the pack leader!

Fast forward to 2011, when d'Andra was living in California with her two dogs, Sherpa and Yeti. Sherpa and Yeti are litter mates and have never been apart and have the strongest bond of any two beings she had experienced. Thinking that all littermates get along like this, and thinking that Sherpa and Yeti would be great teachers for puppies, she made the very uninformed decision to get two more littermate puppies.

All of a sudden, d'Andra's harmonious household and pack turned into chaos! And, for the first time, she found herself searching for dog training help.

d'Andra has been immersed in her own experience of training her dog Teddy Graham since 2011. She still considers herself a really good dog handler, and she has been learning and practicing with dog training.   

When d'Andra moved to Boise, she was working remotely for a company in CA and had enjoyed a 20+ year career that had spanned across management, marketing, sales, and customer experience design. Years ago, d'Andra's dad told her that the only way to really be ‘free’ is to own your own business (he was a business owner). Those words were never far in her memory, and she decided to take the opportunity to move to Boise and join Teri in business ownership. You’ll find d'Andra working on all things behind the scenes, but she is also often seen interacting with all the people and their dogs and is energized by this!







Tambre - General Manager


Tambre was originally raised in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Animals have always been her passion in this life and they always will be! She began cultivating this passion early by volunteering at the local animal shelters in the area. As a skinny 10yr old, she vividly remembers being dragged around and overpowered by the shelter dogs during their daily walks. At times, she was terrified, but she was also determined to help any animal who needed it. During her teenage years, Tambre enjoyed caring for all sorts of household pets, including cats, rats and a rabbit. She eventually moved with her family to Idaho and after graduating high school, she gained a lot of experience in the customer service and food industries. She enjoyed that line of work for a time, but increasingly felt the call to pursue a more passionate, fulfilling career with animals! Tambre began this journey 4 years ago at a local dog daycare and boarding facility right here in Boise and fell in love with life again! She quickly learned that there was much more to working with dogs than cuddling and playing fetch. With a desire to expand her knowledge and gain more understanding of canines, she joined the DRC in May 2020.

Working with d'Andra and the DRC Team through the pandemic, Tambre made significant strides in personal growth and soon discovered a secondary passion for teaching. While becoming a dog trainer was a viable path, she found more interest in the collaborative efforts, or "pack mentality" of the team. When she took on the role of Social Supervisor Manager, she dedicated more of her time and energy to helping team members learn and cultivate their shared understanding of leadership, dog psychology, and canine body language. Today, as General Manager, Tambre continues to expand her awareness and comprehension of the incredible relationships between dogs and humans. She is energized by the daily task of creating, fostering, and sustaining a mindfully structured environment where all dogs and humans have the opportunity to connect and flourish.

Tambre has 1 pup of her own, a spunky rescue dog named Leeloo! Leeloo, a cattle dog/shepherd mix, was dropped at a Utah shelter and placed on the euthenasia list for biting a child. At 4 yrs old, she was sent to an Idaho rescue for one final chance at adoption. Tambre felt instant compassion towards Leeloo and knew she could support Leeloo's need for space and boundaries around children. She has become an irreplaceable companion for Tambre. Now 8yrs old, Leeloo enjoys climbing trees (all the way up!), chasing squirrels, and sunbathing in the park.




Savanah - Social Supervisor Manager


Savanah was born and raised in Meridian, Idaho on a small acreage where she fell in love and collected all sorts of animals from dogs, goats and chickens to bearded dragons and alpacas. Savanah always knew her passion was in animals and wanted a career surrounding them. After adopting her rescue pit bull mix, Ziggy, as a puppy and working through reactivity, socialization and obedience with him she gained interest in dogs specifically and their ability to learn and grow. This interest and passion flourished when Savanah began to work at a doggie day care and boarding facility. At this time she also began working toward her dog training certification through Animal Behavior College. When she stumbled across the Dog Retreat Center?s website there was immediate resonance with their philosophy and was elated to join their team. She thoroughly enjoyed everyday spent learning from the dogs and her coworkers as a social supervisor, then when she moved into her position as a trainer she grew her skills in handling more difficult dogs as well as effectively teaching owners and helping them to grow their relationships with their dogs. Savanah then advanced into the position of managing the social supervisors; in this role she has applied her skill in effectively teaching DRC's training methods and has delighted in watching the social supervisors learn and grow into their confidence handling dogs, running socials and teaching others. Savanah feels blessed to get to get to work with dogs on the daily and loves experiencing and helping others learn to fulfill dogs needs and improve both humans and dogs lives in the process.




Zen - Lead Trainer


Animals have always been Zen's passion in life. Since Zen was young she always handled any bugs and lizards she could find. Zen grew up with a Jack Russell Terrier named Rocky. He taught her a lot of patience and how important it is to live in the moment. She started getting involved more with animals after moving to Idaho from Florida. She began volunteer work at several different rescue shelters.

Not too long afterwards Zen worked at a 24 hour emergency animal hospital. Zen gained valuable experience in the healthcare of animals. During this time she was finishing up her college degree in biology. During Zen's time at the animal hospital she wanted to get involved in law enforcement. After training with The National Animal Control Association, she became certified nationally as an Animal Control Officer. During her time as an officer, Zen gained a lot of experience and exposure to the animal world. She noticed a recurring issue of untrained dogs getting hurt or getting into serious trouble.

Wanting to face this issue head-on, Zen wanted to become a dog trainer. After reading several books on canine body language and studying different techniques for training, Zen joined the Dog Retreat Center team to be a dog trainer. Zen's goal is to not only improve herself during this process but the lives of the dogs she trains, creating an overall positive experience for everyone involved.




Grace - Lead Trainer


Grace has been around animals since she was born; her first dog was a German Shepherd - Black Lab mix named Roxy. All of her dogs since have been German Shepherds. She currently has a German Shepherd named Kenai. Dogs have always been an important aspect of Grace's life and during her time at the Dog Retreat Center she has found that many things can be learned through your relationship with dogs. She has found that by taking care of her dogs they help her take care of herself. They help her exercise, become more mindful, and help her practice her problem solving skills. Grace is originally from Austin, Texas and made the move to Boise, Idaho. This is where she began her career working with animals as well as coaching their people to build connection and increase communication between them and the dogs in their lives.

Grace enjoys traveling, journaling, and having fun with Kenai and her significant other Kevin. She graduated from Boise State in 2022 with a Bachelors of Science and the completion of two minors. Her goal is to continue learning as much as possible in animal behavior and human behavioral science and to use this knowledge to improve the lives of dogs and their owners. Grace has been working with animals since she was little and has worked in many areas of dog related fields. She has worked as a dogsitter, dogwalker, at the Eagle Animal Clinic as a Technician Assistant; and currently as Head Trainer and Social Media Manager here at the Dog Retreat Center. Grace hopes to help strengthen your relationship with your dog and find the fun in your day to day lives together.







Carissa - Boarding Director


Carissa is the DRC Boarding Director. She has had a strong connection with animals and their care since she was a small child. Initially her goal was to become a veterinarian, but after working in the field for some time she realized she wanted less to do with just the science and diagnostic side of animal care and more to do with hands-on, day-to-day care of our best friends.

Although she loves all animals, and has a passion for educating people about farm animals in particular, dogs have been part of her life since the day she was born. Her feeling of camaraderie with dogs has always been apparent and she never feels more at home than when spending time with a canine companion.

As Boarding Director her goal is to make sure every dog that stays with DRC has a positive experience that is tailored to each individual. Whether that means specialized socializing, walks, or extra one on one play time, the goal is to keep your dog feeling as safe and loved as they do at home during their stay with us!






Rissa - Social Supervisor Trainer


Rissa is an Idaho native, born and raised. Ever since she was young she has had a passion for animals. She has lived in a household with dogs her whole life and couldn't imagine her life without them. Rissa is a dog mom to three fur babies; a Chiweenie named Rico Suave(13), a Pomeranian/long haired dachshund mix named Zombie Jewice(7) and her black lab/GSP mix named Baxter Darko(4), who she participates in the sport of agility with.

Her passion has always been to work with dogs. After graduating high school in 2020, she began studying dog training and received certification from Animal Behavioral College (ABC) as well as mentoring under a dog trainer at IHS. Working with other trainers and at a previous doggy daycare, she started at Dog Retreat Center in 2022 and learns something new each day! The best thing she has learned at DRC thus far is how to better communicate with dogs using their own language.

Rissa's ultimate goal/dream job is to become a service dog trainer for individuals suffering from PTSD. Training dogs and helping owners build a relationship with their dog based on trust and respect is Rissa's way of giving back to her community.






Kayla - Social Supervisor


Since Kayla was a child, she's always had a special place in her heart for family pets. Growing up her family only had cats and dogs going in and out of the house. She always enjoyed observing them happy in their more natural environment, but never really thought she could make a career out of it.

Kayla gained a lot of experience in customer service and hospitality after high school for several years, but was never truly happy to go to work. It wasn't until Kayla was more aware of her connection to dogs that she wanted to see what sort of career she could make of it. She spent a little time working at another doggy daycare/ boarding facility that ultimately led her to a passion in grooming. For over two years Kayla loved every dog that came to the salon. She learned what kind of essential beings dogs truly are and how they still need to be treated with kindness and respect in all aspects. Over time it became more physically demanding so she decided to take a step back from grooming.

Kayla felt a connection with the philosophy DRC practices and their steps for training that are consistent throughout. Kayla has enjoyed learning behaviors dogs display when they are out with a pack and not in a stressful grooming environment. Kayla hopes to one day be able to go back to grooming as she still loves cleaning those cute little faces. But with all the knowledge and experience she?s gaining at DRC, she knows she is one with the pack here! Though Kayla does not currently have any dogs of her own, she loves her home/work life balance with two adorable feline boys named Slinky and Leo.




Madi - Social Supervisor


Madi was born and raised here in the Treasure Valley and grew up always being around animals. From horses and livestock, to reptiles, to dogs and cats! Beginning from her first two dogs as a child, a terrier mix called U.B. and a Vizsla mix called Sadie, Madi found a love and passion for dogs at a young age, always spending time with her own animals as well as always volunteering to dogsit for friends and family. She even volunteering for a local shelter for a while as a teenager!

Madi started her first job working with dogs at a local doggy daycare, where she gained a deeper love and respect for handling and working with dogs. After some time there, she took a break from working with animals and took a job at Dutch Bros Coffee. After 3 years at Dutch Bros, Madi found herself missing working with animals. That's when she found Dog Retreat Center! She enjoys learning about dog body language and how to better her handling skills of dogs. She also has found a new hobby in attending dog shows and dog sporting events and learning about how they work and the train for them.

Madi currently owns two dogs with her partner: a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Jersey and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi/Dachshund mix named River!






Morgan - Social Supervisor


Morgan was born and raised in Boise, Idaho. From the moment she was able to form a sentence, she was asking her parents for a yellow lab puppy. When Morgan turned 8 years old, they finally got her one, and she felt complete. From the age of 16 and on, Morgan worked in many dog daycare and boarding facilities and became fascinated with the conversations she was watching between canines. After working at a daycare and boarding facility for 2 years, she finally switched to the DRC to learn more about dog body language, grow her ability to connect with canines with her energy, and overall knowledge. The Dog Retreat Center's philosophy is right in line with what she wants to teach to others one day in the future as a dog trainer.

Being with dogs has taught Morgan how to live in the moment, to forgive unconditionally, and to love like there's no tomorrow! She feels that dogs help her mental health by helping with exercise and keeping her mindful and grounded. Morgan hopes to be a trainer at the DRC in the future to share with others how to live in harmony with their canine family, what dogs can teach us humans, and to simply ease stresses within a pack.

Morgan spends her free time with her Australian Shepherd, Margo, going for long walks, training, and traveling. She also enjoys spending time with friends and family.




Nick - Social Supervisor


Nick started working at the Dog Retreat Center with the intention of being a helping hand, but as time has gone on, he?s developed a love and passion for helping dogs be the better version of themselves! One of his goals is to teach new staff to do the same by sharing what he has learned during his time at the Dog Retreat Center.









Phoebe - Social Supervisor


Phoebe was born in Boise Idaho, although she moved to a little rancher town in Montana called, Miles City, when she was 4 years old. She ended up spending 5 1/2 years there and moved back to her original home in Boise when she was 10. She spends most of her days working, but when she has free time she likes to spend it with her friends, family, and her own 2 dogs, a Presa Canario named Neera and a Pug named Eowyn! Phoebe has been working with dogs since she was 18! She has been an animal lover ever since she was a little girl, but took a special liking to dogs. She is very thankful to have had access to being able to work with dogs as closely as she has and is very excited to expand her knowledge on dog body language, psychology, training, pack mentality and being a strong pack leader at DRC.







Tiff - Social Supervisor


Tiff grew up having had dogs in her house for as long as she can remember. She didn't find her passion for dogs and training until Daisy, a German Shepard mix landed in her hands. She had aggression issues with dogs and people and by the time she found Tiff she already had two major bites on her record. Tiff was her last chance. Tiff knew nothing about working with dogs like her at the time, but they worked and learned together. She helped Tiff find her passion. Tiff's goal is to get to a point where people with dogs like Daisy can come to her for help. Prior to the DRC, Tiff was at another local boarding facility, where she was a shift lead. She worked with a lot of dogs that had similar issues, but ended up leaving and coming to the DRC for the opportunity to grow and learn more in the training field.

Tiff currently has one pup, Baija, A husky mix. She's always looking for some new trick or skill to train with her! Tiff is excited to continue to grow and learn here at the DRC.




Sean - Boarding


I have taken care of dogs of all shapes, sizes and personalities over the years, and am so happy to continue doing so in an even more effective and fulfilling way as part of our awesome team here at the Dog Retreat Center.

Previously, I have cared for clients' dogs for as short a period as a 30min walk and for up to a few weeks at a time while house-sitting, but seldom with training as a primary focus. Now, at the Dog Retreat Center, I get to contribute to shaping and improving dog/dog and dog/human relationships, which is even more rewarding and a joy to witness. In addition to assisting with daycare and training, I also have the privilege of looking after our boarding dogs during their overnight stays.

My passion for dogs stems from the fact that they have nothing but love to give, even if they do sometimes manage to get on an owner’s naughty list. The better we are able to create a cohesive leader-follower unit, the easier it is for our dogs to not only be able to show their love in more ways, but also for us to more consistently return it back to them! With the abundance of opportunities that Boise provides for us to get out and about with our dogs, establishing a relationship built on trust means more fun for us and them.

I don't currently have a pup of my own, but I am absolutely okay with that for now, because it means I get to pour all my love and effort into the amazing dogs we get to look after and train here at the Dog Retreat Center. I look forward to meeting yours!