Our Philosophy

At Dog Retreat Center, mindfulness meets dog training. We're here to help people connect with their dogs, and we take a calm, quiet, more meditative approach to creating the perfect balance in your home pack.

In dog training, many things are black and white when it comes to consistency, follow-through, and boundaries. You'll also find grey areas to contend with the time in between training sessions, the training environment, the people you work with, the dogs breed and personality, the dogs needs, and the dogs limitations.

Our philosophy toward dog training cuts through the grey by keeping it simple and intuitive. We don't get hung up on small details or complicated regimens. Instead, we bridge the communication gap between you and your dog in a way that works with your dog's natural instincts and create a calmer, follower state of mind for your dog.

We view our approach to training dogs as an art form, much like dancing. If we are dancing, we are teaching the dog how to follow our lead and move through life in rythm with us. 


Philosophy in Action

DRC employs a dedicated team of dog-loving individuals. We're on a mission to spread our knowledge and share our passion for creating harmonious dog/owner relationships. We're committed to providing a safe, encouraging and supportive dog training experience for dogs and their packs.

Dog Retreat Center can provide a training solution that works for both you and your dog in a safe training environment where playfulness meets mindfulness.

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