Mindfulness meets dog training at Dog Retreat Center. Instead of getting bogged down in small details and overly-complex training methods, we keep it calm, natural, and intuitive. We work with every dog's built-in instincts, and we communicate with them in a way they can understand- the same way they communicate with each other.

Dog Retreat Center's training method is gentle, simple, and intuitive. It was originated by Heather Beck with K9 LifeLine in Draper City, Utah, adopted and brought to Boise by Teri Aslett with Pooch Professionals Idaho in 2018, and re-established as Dog Retreat Center's "Follow the Leader Formula" in 2019.

Our method combines our knowledge of a dog's body language, the dog's understanding of our body language and energy, and prioritizes patience over pressure.

We make sure your dog's needs for exercise, mental stimulation, and regular socialization are met in a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment.

We help dogs develop a calmer, more "follower" state of mind, and we teach dogs life skills to help them stay safe in the fascinating world of the human.


Just Like Home

Warehouses are different from homes, and what happens in a boarding or daycare facility often doesn't translate back into a home environment.

We believe in our methodology, and we want to do everything we can to help foster a rewarding, balanced relationship between you and your dog. That's why our training center is different.

Our facility is a home-like setting, which helps ensure our training methods stay in place once your dog returns home. We have couches, beds, chairs, tables, and all the comforts of home so we can help teach your dog to interact with you, your family, and your home in a balanced, peaceful way once they graduate from the training.

Our dog training methods and our dog training facility were both built with mindfulness- we want to make sure your dog is as comfortable as possible during the training process.


Follow the leader

The method we teach consists of a four step "follow the leader" process. We help you tune into your dog and tap into the lines of their silent communication. We help create a healthy, natural order in your pack through body language, praise, and correction.

At Dog Retreat Center, we're "dog" people, but we're also "people" people. We relate to, and help train, both the dog and the owner. This is important because the only dog training solution that truly works is one you feel good about.


What You Can Expect

  • We use a simpler, more intuitive method instead of focusing on small details
  • We work with your dog's natural instincts to engender a balanced "pecking order"
  • We learn your dog's body language
  • We help you learn your own body language and how your dog interprets it
  • We train you to become a confident pack leader
  • We work with your own needs and concerns
  • We provide calm, quiet, meditative, and mindful training
  • We work with your dog's instincts to create a calm, "follower" state of mind
  • We find a training solution that works for both you and your dog
  • We help people connect with their dogs
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