Board and Train

With our Board and Train program, your dog both trains and sleeps at our facility in Garden City. Our facility has all the comforts of home, as well as large outdoor training and play areas, which ensures the peace and calm your dog learns at DRC will transfer nicely into your home life. 

Our Board and Train programs can last anywhere from 4 days to 6 weeks, and your dog undergoes training based on the severity and nature of their behavioral needs. 

With each Board and Train program, your dog:

  • Spends the night at DRC, where someone always stays the night with the dogs
  • Receives 2-3 training sessions each day
  • Receives a minimum of 2 socialization sessions per day
  • Receives daily exercise
  • Receives daily mental stimulation

For longer stays, much of our training and exercise happens offsite through neighborhood walks, playtime in the park, and other activities. 

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5 Day Foundational - $1150

Our first Board and Train option is a 5 day and 4 night training program where your dog stays at DRC and receives 2 to 3 daily training lessons. 

This service is primarily for dogs that need to learn some basic manners, such as putting a stop to jumping or leash pulling. During these four days, dogs will receive daily exercise, socialization, and mental stimulation through training on a regular activity schedule, with a focus on 1-on-1 training. You can expect your dog to return well trained, and also well-versed at following basic ground rules, boundaries, and low-to-medium level challenges. 

These lessons include basic obedience training and minor problem solving. This Board and Train package includes one follow up session, and also pays for the training equipment we use with your dog during this time that is yours to keep. 


10 Day Doggie Detoxer - $2250

The second Board and Train option we offer is a 10 day and 9 night training program where your dog stays at DRC. During this time, your dog receives 2 to 3 daily training lessons involving basic to advanced obedience training, and also participates in daily sessions that help curb more severe problem behaviors like extreme fear, separation anxiety, and aggression. 

This service is also good for dogs who regularly exhibit nuisance behaviors or are starting to show signs of more dominant and territorial behavior. These behaviors can result in situations where visitors and/or other animals feel threatened, and you may not know what to do in order to curb this behavior. If you find yourself at a point of frustration with your dog's behaviors and don't feel like you're making progress with their training, this program is a great solution. Our Board and Train program can act as a "reset" that helps address even the most severe behavioral needs in your dog. 

This package also includes 3 follow up sessions after the Board and Train is complete, and also covers the training equipment we use while boarding and training your dog that is yours to keep. 


21 Day Immersion Experience - $3550

The third Board and Train option we offer is our 21 day program, which encompasses daily beginner, intermediate, and advanced basic obedience training. 

This training includes on leash/off leash exercise outings, participation in play groups, and participation in group dog walks. 

This training is a great fit for people who lack both time and patience to set a good solid training foundation with their dog, and need quite a bit of help in meeting their dog training goals. 

Three weeks of professional, immersion training can be quite transformative for a puppy or adult dog who is more set in their ways. 

This package includes 3 follow up sessions, and also covers the training equipment we use for your dog during this time that is yours to keep.